Study on Buffalo Farming Management System in Sijunjung Regency

M. Ikhsan Rias, Riza Andesca Putra, Fuad Andesca Madarisa


This study was aimed at determining the characteristics of buffalo farmers, business characteristics, breeding  systems, feed management systems, reproductive management systems and marketing systems of keeping buffalo in Sijunjung Regency. This research was conducted in Sijunjung Regency, from July to August 2020 using a survey method with 60 buffalo farmers as respondents. The results showed that the profile of buffalo farmers in Sijunjung Regency in general was in productive age category (63.3%), mainly have primary school level of education (71.7%), male (68.3%) and have farming experience > 10 years (50%). Meanwhile, their business profile dominantly back-yard farming businesses (90%), still small scale (55%), livestock ownership status is “perseduaan” / result sharing with the owners  (40%), and livestock functions as savings (40%). The buffalo breeding system carried out by the farmers is generally an extensive system (66.7%) where the feed system used grazing (90%) regardless of the amount of feeding. Meanwhile, the reproductive system generally uses indiscriminate natural mating (93.3%) and the marketing of livestock is still through “toke” / local traders (95%).


management systems; buffalo farming

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