Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to Jurnal Solusi Masyarakat (JSM) will undergo a selection and assessment process by the Board of Editors to ensure their accordance with the writing guideline, focus, and scope, and that they are of excellent academic quality.  The manuscripts will be reviewed using the double blind peer review method in which case neither authors nor reviewers know each other’s identities.

As soon as the review process is complete, the authors will be notified by email about acceptance or rejection contributing author for publication in the Poltekita: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat. If the author is encouraged to re-submit the corrected article, any changes suggested to the script will be reviewed by the same expert reviewer and editor of the same section. Answers to comments must be clearly stated in the article and retransmission must be accompanied by a letter with a detailed response to reviewers' comments. the review process takes 2-4 week