Co-Management pengelolaan ekosistem mangrove di Desa Langge Kecamatan Anggrek Kabupaten Gorontalo Utara

Miranti Khairunisa Abudi, Sri Nuryatin Hamzah, Faizal Kasim


Mangroves are one of the important ecosystems that are currently being damaged. This research aimed to 1) determine the existing condition of Langge Village's mangroves and their utilization, 2) analyze stakeholders, the influence and mapping of co-management, and 3) analyze the form of co-management, roles, and responsibilities of stakeholders towards mangrove management in Langge Village. This research was conducted in August-November 2021. Mangrove vegetation data was collected using the line transect method; while the stakeholder data collection is done by open interviews. The data obtained from mangrove vegetation are frequency and density; while the stakeholders are in the form of interests, influence, implementation of co-management, and the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. Based on this study, 16 species of true mangroves were found at 3 observation stations from Avicennia, Bruguiera, Ceriops, Rhizophora, Sonneratia, and Xylocarpus groups. Mangrove management in Langge Village is at the Advisory Committee stage or the advocacy stage.

Keywords: Co-Management; management; mangrove; stakeholders

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