Analisis kondisi eksisting struktur komunitas mangrove Kawasan Pesisir Bolihutuo Kabupaten Boalemo Provinsi Gorontalo

Yowan Moha, Maria Kriscintya Any Bay, Sentia Sentia, Faizal Kasim


This study aimed to determine the existing condition of mangroves located in one of the coastal areas of Tomini Bay, precisely on the coast of Bolihutuo Village, Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo Province. The Data collection was carried out from August to September 2021. The procedures include the biophysical sampling of mangroves using the plot line transect method at three stations to distinguish the tree and saplings growth level of mangroves and their environmental conditions, also the extent area digitized from the google earth images. The results show that there are ten species as the richness of species occupying 60.61 ha of this mangrove forest with a salinity range of 21.33 ppt - 22.44 ppt. In general, the diversity of mangrove species in this area has a low category (H'<1). Furthermore, the results of the analysis of ecological development through the important value (IVI) record that R. stylosa was the dominant species at the tree level (112.69%) and sapling (62.14%), with different co-dominance, namely R. mucronata for the tree level (66.99%) and C. decandra at the sapling level (38.94%). The dominance of R. stylosa is supported by the basal area of their tree, which ranges from 0.98 - 1.22 m2. Overall, the relative frequency values between categories of all species ranged from 5.56 - 16.67% (saplings) and 5.26 - 15.79% (trees), while the relative density ranged from 0.46% - 45.48% (saplings) and 0.63% - 54.40% (trees).

Keywords: Mangrove patch; Dominant rank, IVI, Species richness; R. stylosa

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