Laju Pertumbuhan dan Biomassa daun Vallisneria gigantea di Aliran Sungai Senggarang, Kota Tanjungpinang, Kepulauan Riau

Listia Ningsih, Tri Apriadi, Wahyu Muzammil


The objective of this study were to determine the density, the growth rate, and growth of biomass of Vallisneria gigantea. This research was conducted on May-June 2020 in a river in Senggarang, Tanjungpinang City. This research was used random sampling method of 30 points using transect quadrant (50x50 cm). The results showed that V. gigantea had a density value of 148.80 ind/m2. The growth rate of V. gigantea was 0.06 cm/day and biomass growth was 21.71 gr/m2. Light intencity was the principle component of V. gigantea’s leaf growth rate while  pH, velocity, and temperatur were principle component for growth biomass leaf.

Keywords: Density; Giant Vallisneria; Growth; Macrophyte; Productivity

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