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Hydrokinetic water turbines do not require high water pressure (head) to work.
Another advantage of the Darrieus turbine is that it is less sensitive to turbulence
but sensitive to flow direction. Among some forms of turbine turbine turbine
geometry, straight-angled geometry (or H-Darrieus) is more popular due to easier
fabrication and simpler construction. The number of blades using the NACA type
0012 H-rotor has the best self-starting effect but not for all azimuth blade positions.
If the blade is fixed and unregulated then the angle of charge will change at any
time depending on the position of the blade which consequently alters the
dynamic force of the water to the blade and therefore tends to occur in the low
torque of the tubin and decrease the turbine effiency. One disadvantage of the
Darrieus turbine is its low self-starting torque. So the problem in this research is
how the turbine produced performance with variation of the number of blades.
The study was conducted to analyze the perforamance of low-speed darrieus
turbines shown by self-starting characteristics, dynamic torque, power, and
efficiency produced by turbines. The test rig comprises two main components: a
model of stream flow made of acrylic and a model of the Darrieus turbine. River
models from upstream shelters, canals and downstream water reservoirs. Water
from upstream flows into the runner through the incoming side. Then water
flowed into the downstream storage basin. In the construction of this model is not
munggunakan draft tube. The runner house has a fully enclosed top casing with no
draft tube and wall, the water flow rate and Head of water level are set by the feed
water pump. The difference between the water level in the upstream reservoir and
the water level in the canal is kept constant. Once the above is achieved then it can
be tested. The shaft rotation is measured by the rotation sensor and the shaft
torque force is measured using a load cell. Experiments carried out with variations
of torque loads with constant flow rate of water The manufacture of the Darrieous
turbine model testing apparatus has been completed. This model comes with a
Data acquisition Tool using arduino UNO with DAQ PLX that works according to
plan. In taking the research data

Key word: Darrieus turbine, hydrofoil,manufacture

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