EDUKASI DAN PELATIHAN MANAJEMEN STRES PADA SISWA SEKOLAH MENENGAH ATAS (SMA) UNTUK MENGURANGI STRES AKADEMIK (Education and Training on Stress Management for High School Students to Reduce Academic Stress)

Ilham Mundzir, Fajar Nurisa Khoirini


The main focus of this community engagement program is to provide an understanding of stress management and train students in the application of breathing techniques to cope with academic stress. Initial data was obtained through a pretest questionnaire, which helped identify the triggering factors of academic stress experienced by students. A total of 90 12th-grade students from SMA N 9 Tangerang participated in this educational and training activity on stress management to reduce academic stress. The engagement was conducted using the microteaching method, where students received education and practiced several breathing techniques that were taught, followed by receiving feedback. The program consisted of several stages: pre-test filling, delivery of stress management material, practice of breathing techniques, discussion and question-and-answer sessions, and final evaluation. The results of the engagement demonstrated that students were able to comprehend and respond well to the presented material, actively participated in discussions, and successfully practiced breathing techniques. The support from the school played a significant role in the successful execution of the engagement program. In conclusion, this program provided students with insights into stress management, practical skills to address academic stress through breathing techniques, and encouraged active participation in interactions and learning. Such activity-based programs are recommended as they help students cope with academic pressure more effectively, foster a healthy learning environment, and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting a healthier and prosperous life.


educational and training activity, stress management, academic stress, breathing techniques, academic pressure, kegiatan edukasi dan pelatihan, manajemen stress, stres akademik, teknik pernapasan, tekanan akademik

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