The first record of the mole crab (Albunea carabus L. 1758, Decapoda, Anomura, Hippidea) in the Gulf of Antalya

Mehmet Gökoğlu, Serkan Teker, Kemal Gökoğlu


The first occurence of the mole crab (Albunea carabus L. 1758) in the Gulf of Antalya. During a commercial shrimp fishery oparation in May, 2016, A different type of crab was caught in the Gulf of Antalya, Bogazkent (Köprüçayı). This unknown sample was brought to Akdeniz Üniversity Fisheries Laboratory and It was stored. Sample was caught with shrimp nets that were left at depths of 10-20 m in the Gulf of Antalya, Bogazkent (Köprüçay River). It has been determined that this elongated mole, caught in the identification of the species, is Albunea carabus L. 1758, known as the dengue. Mole crab (Albunea carabus L. 1758) was reported for the first time from the Gulf of Antalya via this article.

Keywords: Albunea carabus; the Gulf of Antalya; mole crab

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